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Statement from the Artist

Growing up watching my world being built around me has resulted in the vital role of fabrication in my body of work. This has been my source vocabulary, one of physical construction. The physical product of the work stems from human conversation and interaction. These conversations are a synthesis of everyday phenomena; light, sound, and motion. The work is the result of understanding these phenomena and translating them into a piece that communicates with the viewer. The voice of my work comes from motors. Rotations byproduct is motion, with the potential to create, modernize, and industrialize civilization. The power of rotation has been a driving force of my existence. I use an assortment of industrially produced materials, steel, glass, plexiglass, electronics, motors, wood, and hardware. Keeping true to the industrial nature of these materials is important to the works aesthetic. I try not to mask the material being used, rather I will use them as a point of entry into the work. The kinetic aspect of the work reflects human function, modestly exemplifying how rotation is at the root of every action. It is the root of all movement and movement is at the root of all progression. I create work that moves honestly and invites human progression.

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